Frequently Asked Questions

Here at The Candy Shack, we endeavour to answer all your questions as soon as we can.  Feel free to contact us at any time, if your question isn't answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is most of your candy made?

Most of our candy is made right here in New Zealand from a variety of different factories, from local and imported ingredients.

Do you make the candy yourself?

We don’t make the candy or lollipops ourselves but there are plans to manufacture our own in the future.

Do you ship overseas?

Shipping is currently New Zealand wide only, however, many of our customers purchase our candy items to add to care packages sent to their loved ones overseas. As long as the packets are sealed, there is no issue with customs.

I’m flying overseas, can I take your candy with us?

As long as the candy is still sealed in their original bags, and you declare them as you go through customs, there is normally no issue to take our candy overseas.

Is GST included in the price?

Yes, GST is included in all of our pricing. 

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